• Charcoal, white chalk and acrylic on toned paper, 112x113 cm, 2021


    All the materials used are of a prime quality.


    This artwork will be shown at the Luxemburg Artfair 2022.

    The series are a homage to the traditional craftsmanship from the XIX century. The strategy of seeking the maximum elegance, in the simplification of the forms and the organisation of values, is key for this idea of beauty.
    In this series I want to express also my Love for spontaneity, the gestures and brushstrokes in the visual language.
    I’m specially seeking the beauty in the composition of the figure in space. There is an extraordinary pleasure in placing the abstract elements in their precise order.
    In the other hand, fortunate accidents help the artwork to feel more alive, as if it was in permanent process. We can imagine the battle of the materials, giving form to the human figure.

    Human 1.0.4

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