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Pau Marinello is an award-winning artist based in Spain whose paintings have been exhibited nationally, as well as in England, Austria, and Lebanon. In his striking pieces, he blurs the boundaries between figuration and abstraction. Marinello cites simplification, abstraction, beauty, composition as being the leitmotifs of his art. He most often employs oils, acrylics, and watercolors in his artistic process.

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« The most important part is to work a lot, explore and be selective. What you see in my pieces is just the tip of the iceberg. »

With a mixture of his favourite mediums, charcoal and oils, his mixed medium paintings brings out of the natural version of the human figure. “When I look behind and see my works that I did in the past I feel like I’m reading my own diary. I get inspired from what I have around me: friends, family, objects, but also by the materials and how they interact with each other… Painting is a different language, very personal, by doing it you are expressing yourself… It is difficult to describe my actual process because it doesn’t exist, I’m in a moment that I feel like an explorer. In my work I’m exploring the figuration trying to deconstruct drawing aspects. I build and destroy until I get a result that satisfies me. I’m interested in the abstraction of the painting and also in the representational part.”

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Awards / Scholarships    ​

2017   Mod portrait contest. Artemiranda award and honorable mention.

2015   Artist Residency Program. Schloss Wiespach, Hallein, Austria

2015   Mod portrait contest. Final selection

2014   Merit Scholarship Barcelona Academy of Art

2014   Concurs de pintura rapida les terres del Segre : 3rd Prize

2014   Landscape Contest. Montcada i Reixac : 1st Prize

2014   Mod portrait contest, Final selection

2013   Merit Scholarship Florence Academy of Art

2013   Concurs de pintura Humet Saula de Calella : 2nd Prize

2013   Figurativas contest : preselected

2012   Concurs de Pintura Rapida Pallejà : 1st Prize

2008   Concurs Murals Calafell : 2nd Prize


Individual Exhibitions

2015 “Pau Marinello, realisme contemporàni”, Montcada i Reixac, Spain

2019 "Pau Marinello, La deconstrucció de la forma", Roses, Spain



Collective Exhibitions   

2021 “El renacer de la Figuración” Sala Vimcorsa de Córdoba, Spain

2021 "Grandes Pintores realistas en 20x20" Palacio Einaudi de la ciudad de Chivasso Turin, Italy

2019 "20x20" Palacio Caja Rural de Aragón, Zaragoza, Spain 

2019 "Eudald de Juana i la transgresió de la forma" Museu Empordà, Figueres, Spain

2018 "Manlleu Galeria d'Art" MGA, Manlleu, Spain

2018  Mod Portrait exhibition in MEAM, Barcelona, Spain

2018 Mod portrait exhibition, Museo Pablo Serrano Zaragoza, Spain

2018 "Mostra de pintura" Sala d'exposicions, Peralada, Spain

2018 "Freestanding" Hamra Artspace, Beirut, Lebanon

2017 "Classical to Kitsch" Beirut Art Fair, Beirut, Lebanon

2017 “Purotica” Hamra Artspace, Beirut, Lebanon

2017 “Ascendo” La plataforma, Barcelona, Spain

2017  Mod Portrait exhibition in MEAM, Barcelona, Spain

2017 Mod portrait exhibition, Museo Pablo Serrano Zaragoza, Spain

2017 “Collective figuration” Galeria el Claustre, Figueres, Spain

2016 "BCN Collective" Galerie Schloss Wiespach, Hallein, Austria

2016 "Artificial Realities" East Wing Biennal, London, United Kingdom

2016 “Openning celebration” The creative Lab Space, Barcelona, Spain

2015 “3 sculptors and 3 painters” Galerie Schloss Wiespach, Hallein, Austria

2015 “Dibujos figurativos” Museu Europeu d’Art Modern, Spain

2015 “Academy painting” la destilería, Mataró, Spain

2015 Mod Portrait exhibition in MEAM, Barcelona, Spain

2015 Mod portrait exhibition, Zaragoza, Spain

2014 Fundació Humet Saula, Calella, Spain

2014 Represent, London, United Kingdom

2014 Konvent.0 Art festival, Berga, Spain

2014 Alumni Show Barcelona Academy of Art in MEAM, Barcelona, Spain

2013 Fundació Humet Saula Show, Calella, Spain

2013 Alumni show, The Florence Academy of Art, Via Luna, Florence, Italy




2022 Online Course with Domestika "Contemporary Expressive drawing"

2021 Online Zoom Course with the Virtual Figure

2021/2022 Teacher at the BAA

2019 Intensive Workshop Geode Art Space, Catalunya

2019 Intensive Workshop Mauritius Islands, Mauritius Islands

2018 Intensive Workshop Arts in Rome, Rome, Italy

2015-2018  Director of the Drawing department Barcelona Academy of Art

2015 La Salle University, Ramon Llull. Instructor of analytical drawing

2015 Principal instructor in the Barcelona Academy of Art

2014 Portrait course instructor at the Barcelona Academy of Art

2013-2014 Student-teacher at the Barcelona Academy of Art. Drawing program



2017  Fine Arts Degree : University of Barcelona

2015  Intensive Painting Program : The Barcelona Academy of Art

2013  Intensive drawing program : The Florence Academy of Art, Florencia, Italia

2008  Bachelor of Arts : Escola Pia Nostrasenyora 




2017 Live painting in "the living room sessions" in Beirut, Lebanon

2017 Workshop on composition MEAM in Barcelona, Spain

2015 Museu Europeu d'Art Modern   Painting Demonstration

2014 Painting demonstration, Fira b’Ars, Museu Arts Santa mònica Barcelona, Spain

2014 MEAM Painting Demonstration to illustrate a lecture on the techniques and materials of the Old Masters

2013 Intermon Oxfam Collaboration for Anti Violence Day, in Plaça Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain